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Technologies Culminate in the Exciting Turanza T005 Tyre

Sep 04, 2020
Bridgestone Turanza T005 tyre
Bridgestone  Turanza T005 tyre

Bridgestone South Africa is thrilled to announce our most advanced tyre to date. Introducing the Turanza T005, a premium-class tyre designed to offer the utmost in ride quality without sacrificing on safety.

The Turanza T005 is our leading tyre, created to satisfy drivers who want superior quality and performance.

Bridgestone designed the Turanza T005 tyre in the heartlands of Europe, where adverse weather and spiralling back roads demand the best from vehicles, tyres, and drivers. The highly-skilled Bridgestone research and development department created an uncompromising high-quality tyre that endures almost any weather while maintaining an effortless driving experience.

Our premium grand touring tyre enhances any cross country adventure. Originally designed for Mercedes-Benz executive sedans and coupes, the Turanza range suits any flagship vehicle piloted by clients requiring elite performance. It is now officially the tyre of choice for the premium Audi A7 coupe series.

Embarking on a journey is second nature with the Turanza T005, as any road becomes a smooth path to a new world. Experience the astonishingly smooth steering and driving stability of the Turanza T005 in both dry and wet weather. Embrace the effortless movement and driver assurance that Bridgestone clientele have come to expect.

3 Key Features for Enhanced Safety and Comfort

The Bridgestone Turanza T005 was built to improve driver comfort and safety with three key features in mind. These new key features set the Bridgestone Turanza T005 apart from competition:

  1. NanoPro-Tech™ Exceptional Control
    This exclusive tyre offers exceptional wet weather performance thanks to NanoPro-Tech™ engineered into the compound of all our T005 products. Water is absorbed and dispersed away from the tyre’s contact area to ensure optimal grip while driving.
  2. Polymer Tread Pattern
    An optimised targeted polymer tread pattern works alongside our NanoPro-Tech™ to ensure water disperses evenly while the tyre is in motion. This keeps more of the tyre’s rubber in contact with the road, reducing the risk of hydroplaning in strenuous wet weather.
  3. Reduced Hydroplaning
    Robust construction and tread keeps the walls of the tyre stiff, ensuring the Turanza T005 remains stable. This improves driving performance and fuel efficiency. The unique noise- reduction technology make journeys enjoyable experiences.

These revolutionary technologies were developed through years of partnerships with leading brands and organisations such as Formula One, World Rally Championship, and the annual Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, where the world’s engineers showcase their latest solar-powered automotive designs and attempt to set new segment records.

Culminating the best tyre performance and safety technology in the world, Bridgestone South Africa proudly introduces this new executive tyre, safe in the knowledge that it will meet the high standards demanded of flagship vehicles.

The Bridgestone Turanza T005 offers exceptional driver comfort and performance for any executive vehicle. The T005 is competitively priced and available through our extensive dealership network across South Africa.

Our Bridgestone network remains pioneering in offering segment-leading products in our industry.

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