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Our Frequently Asked Question list (FAQ) attempts to answer some of the most frequently asked questions relating to products.

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Different tyre manufacturers use differing serial number systems and sequences, so what you have heard may be true for some tyres and not for others. No-one would specially sort out four or five tyres with the same serial numbers to fit to a car. In our case, on both our brands, we use a running serial number, of which no two can be the same, on our heavy vehicle tyres, as well as the required DOT number. The DOT number is an international requirement which among other things shows the date of manufacture. This number could well be the same on thousands of tyres. On most of our passenger tyre ranges, we only use the DOT number. This may be the origin of what you've heard. Serial numbers and DOT numbers are on the sidewall of the tyre, the DOT usually being quite low towards the bead area. This number always starts with the letters DOT and ends in a numerical sequence such as 997 or 2304. These would relate to the manufacturing week i.e. 9th week 1997 or 23rd week 2004. Serial numbers are most commonly somewhere in the center of the side wall, but can take many forms and vary considerably between brands

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tyres in south africa
tyres in south africa