Chase Your Dream No Matter What

Olympians Caster Semenya, Josia Thugwane and Lawrence Brittain are ambassadors for Bridgestone’s “Chase Your Dream, No Matter What” campaign

Bridgestone South Africa are pleased to mark the launch of the Chase Your Dream, No Matter What campaign.

We have envisioned the campaign to champion Bridgestone’s elite team of South African ambassadors and their extraordinary determination to fulfil their sporting dreams and reach Olympic Games success.

Their struggles and accomplishments embody Bridgestone’s objective to keep our customers safe and on track, however demanding their journey might be. Remember, our tyres are rigorously engineered to perform their best when our customers need them most.

Campaign ambition

When explaining the ambition of the Campaign, Bridgestone South Africa CEO, Jacques Fourie, said: “It aims to inspire people of all ages, abilities and passions to find the strength to chase their dreams and overcome any obstacles they face on life’s journey”.

Through the inspirational stories of our ambassadors and campaign we want to motivate all people to strive, overcome adversity, and reach their final destination, however big or small their dreams might be.

Bridgestone South Africa has handpicked three outstanding Olympians - each with inspirational stories of fighting adversity - to spearhead Chase Your Dream, No Matter What.

Ambassadors and their role

Caster Semenya

Caster Semenya

Caster Semenya dreamed of being the greatest. And with the resilience instilled in her by her family and community, she powered her way through the criticism of her doubters, turning the negativity she experienced into positivity. She’s gone on to win Olympic Games Gold and become a national superstar and inspirational role model for all South Africans.

Yes, I want to keep making history, to be the strongest and the greatest. But I also want to show the next generation that anything is achievable. If you believe in yourself and work hard, you can conquer the world."
Caster Semenya , Olympic athlete

Lawrence Brittain

Lawrence Brittain

Meet Lawrence Brittain, the South African rower who defied all the odds to take silver at the Olympic Games Rio 2016 after beating cancer less than two years before.

I’ll never forget: the doctor coming in and looking at the results, and then he just looked at me, and he said; “Go out there and win us some medals.
Lawrence Brittain , Olympic athlete

Josia Thugwane

Josia Thugwane

Josia Thugwane went from extreme poverty to becoming the first black man to win an individual gold medal at the Olympic Games for South Africa, motivated every stride of the way by the dream of supporting his family.

Life is very tough when you grow up like I did, but your background doesn’t have to hold you back. It’s possible to overcome it.
Josia Thugwane , Olympic athlete

Future events

Bridgestone will run a number of grassroots events, hosted by a Chase Your Dream, No Matter What ambassador, leading on from the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, to inspire everyday people to overcome their own obstacles and chase their dream, no matter what.

For over 90 years, Bridgestone has been driven by its motto, “serving society with superior quality”. It is within the company’s DNA to support people to stay safe, stay on track and achieve their goals, whatever the conditions. This is the inspiration for the Chase Your Dream, No Matter What campaign.