4x4 Tyre Rotation Guide

16 Nov 2020

close up of a 4x4 truck

Have a 4x4 vehicle that you’ve driven for some time now? It might be the right time for you to rotate your 4x4 tyres. In this 4x4 Tyre Rotation Guide, we look at why you need to rotate your 4x4 tyres, how to do it, and what might happen if you forget to rotate your tyres on your 4x4 vehicle.

Why Should You Rotate Your 4x4 Tyres?

Tyres are made of rubber, and rubber wears out over time. One can imagine that 4x4 tyres endure tough circumstances in their lifetime. They will undergo heavy duty usage over time. This will surely lead to tyre wear, which is common for any tyre.

How to Spot 4x4 Tyre Wear

First, make sure your tyres are cleaned. Trying to inspect your 4x4 tyres when they are covered in mud will only make your task more difficult. Spray them down with a hose if you are looking for a quick fix.

Once cleaned, inspect the tread on all five of your tyres. Yes, all five, including the spare wheel. Tyres will wear out differently depending on your specific driving style, the terrain most traversed, and how the tyre is set up and balanced.

See if you can spot a difference in the tyre tread. Your tyre might wear out more on the one side, with the other’s tread looking healthier. The deeper the tyre tread, the better your tyre condition is. Also look for wrinkles and other signs of aging on your tyres.

How to Rotate Your Tyres

The formula is simple. Back to front and left to right. This simply means that to maintain an even tyre wear through your set of tyres, you must swap their positions around.

If you are doing this at home, your first step should be to securely and safely jack your 4x4 up so that you can remove all four tyres, if needed. If you are only swapping two at a time, make sure to jack the 4x4 up on that side.

Once secured, you can switch the tyres around. Switch your front tyres with your rear ones. Switch the ones on the left with the ones from the right, and the other way around. This way, if your 4x4 tyres wore out unevenly and left a good amount of tread on the outer edge of the tyre, that outer edge will now take the place of the other ones.

Do you want to ensure that your tyres are rotated safely and securely and get them measured and balanced as well? Contact your nearest Bridgestone dealership or service centre for professional assistance.

When to Replace Your Tyres

Rotating your tyres is only to ensure that your tyres wear out evenly throughout its lifetime. If your tyre has any issues such a worn thread that is approaching the minimum amount required for road safety regulations, or has signs of cracking, then it is time to get them replaced.

One of the many benefits of taking your car to a Bridgestone dealership is that you will get friendly and professional service from our tyre experts. They will inspect your set of tyres and advise you on the best way forward. Contact a Bridgestone dealership today for assistance.