Close-up of a terrain truck in the mud

16 Nov 2020

When choosing the right type of tyre for your 4x4 vehicle, it is important to consider what your end goal is and what you want to achieve with them. Although 4x4 tyres are made to work in most conditions, they are not designed to excel at one specific thing like purpose-built tyres are.

Therefore, it is vitally important to know what the right tyre is for the task at hand, and how you should choose the correct tyre for your 4x4. Here is our guide to 4x4 tyres and how to understand the differences between them.


Road Tyres


Designed to be effective on tar surfaces, road tyres have narrower treads and softer rubber than other types of 4x4 tyres. This is to best make use of the road condition that ranges between warm and cold, dry, and wet, and will have a few bumps and potholes. Otherwise, it’s all smooth from there onwards.

Road tyres are not designed to grip in sand dunes or muddy terrain as well as other tyres. Make sure you fit your 4x4 with the correct tyres when you do venture into such terrains.


Mud Terrain Tyres


When you look at mud terrain tyres, you will see they feature deep tyre treads with giant grooves. These are to ensure tyres can find grip in loose terrain such as mud. As mud builds up, it creates a point where a tyre can push itself over. These tyres are designed specifically to push mud around, so it best suits the tyre.

As great as they are for grip in muddy and loose sand, mud tyres are not that efficient on hard terrains such as gravel or roads.


All Terrain 4x4 Tyres


If you want a tyre that will be good in almost any scenario, be it driving in the sandy dunes of Namibia, the dry plains of the Karoo, or the hills in the North West, then all terrain 4x4 tyres are your best choice.

With all terrain tyres, you will face common options of tyre types to choose from. Each has the overall benefits of all terrain tyres but is designed to suite drivers who want something entry level to professional.

Mild all terrain tyres are good for the weekend warrior who uses their 4x4 as a daily driver but wants to go off-road occasionally. They offer great grip in dry and wet weather conditions and can cope with most terrains without too much effort.

Aggressive all terrain tyres are designed for drivers who do little else but drive off-road. These tyres will manage most terrains, including mud, snow, gravel, mountains, and loose rocks when crawling through rivers and streams.

Yes, there are better tyres for specific scenarios, but few will give drivers the all-round capability that all terrain tyres do. They are designed for the toughest of tough conditions, for 4x4 adventures and off-road escapades.


How to Choose the Right 4x4 Tyre Type


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