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Chase Your Dream Ambassador Remains Inspired After Tough Olympic Games

Aug 05, 2021
Bridgestone SA Chase Your Dream No Matter What Ambassador - Lawrence Brittain

Bridgestone SA Chase Your Dream No Matter What Ambassador - Lawrence Brittain

South Africa Olympian represent country with pride and determination

JOHANNESBURG, 05 August 2021 – South African Olympian and an ambassador of Bridgestone Olympic Games campaign Lawrence Brittain, has returned home after competing fiercely and chasing his dream to be counted amongst athletes representing South Africa at the Olympic Games of Tokyo 2020.

Brittain says that the competition was tough with competitors in the Men's Coxless Four rowing event also at their best form. He gave all he had to fulfil his dream no matter what challenges he had to face, walking away from this year’s games with even more adoration from fans than ever.

“Competing in the Olympics is a dream come true for every serious athlete where we can test our skill and ability at the highest level,” says Brittain. “After a great experience of competing in some of the toughest events against great competitors, I am proud to return home to celebrate the remaining events and our Paralympians who are now preparing to represent us as a nation.”

Bridgestone proudly became a Worldwide Olympic Partner in June 2014 and a Worldwide Paralympic partner in October 2018. Its global Olympic and Paralympic message, “Chase Your Dream,” reflects this idea to empower people everywhere to persevere through adversity in pursuit of their dreams.

Brittain is one of the ambassadors in Bridgestone’s “Chase your Dreams, No Matter What” campaign, along with double 200m Champion Caster Semenya and gold medalist Olympic Champion in marathon Josia Thugwane.

As South African athletes compete in the Olympic Games, the three ambassadors played a central role in motivating the public morale across all aspects of sport, culture, and life.

As they are being held in the global headquarters for Bridgestone, the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 hold an even more special significance. Also, the company celebrates its 90th anniversary this year, having been founded in 1931 in Tokyo itself.

Bridgestone is a Worldwide Olympic and Paralympic partners and the only one which calls the city its home.

“Despite the incredibly devastating impact on the Olympic Games, as well as all sports, the ability to witness the Games and the indominable human spirit was a special experience for all,” says Vuyokazi Xapa, Senior Corporate Communications Manager at Bridgestone South Africa. “Leading up to the competition and during the intense events, each one of our Olympians showed the tenacity to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds to perform at their peak. We are incredibly proud of our Ambassadors who have demonstrated what it means to chase your dreams, no matter what.”

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