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Tyre Safety Technology

Safety is right at the top of the motoring agenda. After seat belts, ABS and airbags, car manufacturers have now developed active driving assistance systems, such as traction control and computer-controlled stability programmes. More recently still, tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) have appeared as optional equipment, with a clear trend to standard fitment. Closely linked to this development, tyres with run flat capability are proving to be the next step forward in car safety.

Bridgestone realises the importance of raising the safety level for cars around the world and so has pursued ways to overcome the danger of a tyre deflating while you’re driving or changing a tyre next to the road. These efforts have resulted in the revolutionary tyre technology known as the Run Flat Tyre.

Run Flat Tyre technology does away with concerns about flat tyres. Bridgestone set out to design a tyre that enables safe driving from the point when a puncture occurs until the driver can drive the vehicle to a safe location.

Bridgestone South Africa

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