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Bridgestone refines its Environmental Mission Statement

Jun 05, 2011

Tokyo-based Bridgestone Corporation, on behalf of its worldwide family of companies, this week released a refined version of its 2009 global Environmental Mission Statement. In addition, the world's largest tyre and rubber company has defined its approach towards resource conservation.

In line with its status as a company with a vast global presence, Bridgestone has a universal environmental policy, dubbed "One Team, One Planet", to "unite it with people and organisations beyond the standard corporate framework as well as to ensure the safety of the children of the world".

The Bridgestone Group is committed to continually working towards a sustainable society with integrity and in unity with its customers, partners, communities and the world around us. The core of the Environmental Mission Statement is "To help ensure a healthy environment for current and future generations" and it seeks to achieve this by focussing on three objectives: "in harmony with nature", "value natural resources" and "reduce CO2 emissions".

The statement has been refined to clarify the direction of Bridgestone's long-term environmental aspirations and is aimed at helping raise environmental awareness among all Bridgestone employees around the world. This in turn will lend strength to the company's efforts to develop a sustainable society.

In order to exist "in harmony with nature," Bridgestone will develop and utilise technologies that "value natural resources" while addressing the urgent matter of global warming through efforts to "reduce CO2 emissions." The company clarified the direction of its long-term environmental aspirations while taking decisive action with respect to three important environmental perspectives: ecological conservation, resource conservation and reducing carbon emissions to build a sustainable society.

While the refined Environmental Mission Statement continues to portray Bridgestone's unchanging environmental philosophy - "to help ensure a healthy environment for current and future generations", it also covers three areas of environmental progress and two core strategies for growth.

The three areas of progress are "products and services" and "operations," both elements of Bridgestone's business activities, and "community activities," representing Bridgestone's initiatives that are unrelated to its business activities. The two growth strategies to support these and promote their continual improvement are the "TEAMS (Total Environmental Advanced Management System)" and "environmental communication".

Resource Conservation

The Bridgestone Group is committed to ongoing improvement to be an ever better steward of our natural resources. The company continually innovate their processes, products and services to reduce, re-use or re-cycle raw materials, water and energy.

Key activities include:

Continual improvement of resource productivity; doing more with less, based on sales per raw material use.
Promotion of the development of technologies and business practices that encourage the recycling of raw materials, utilisation of renewable resources and conservation of finite natural resources.
Reduction of water consumption in the manufacturing processes by efficient use and recycling, while also promoting the protection and preservation of water in our global communities.

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