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Brand: Bridgestone
  • Highway Terrain

DUELER combines the high-level traction and toughness that is required for full-fledged 4WD vehicles.

At the same time, it provides superior driving performance, comfort, and reliability to a wide variety of vehicles including pickups, SUVs (sport-utility vehicles), CUVs (cross-utility vehicles), and premium SUVs/CUVs.

The essence of Bridgestone's tyre design technology which receives worldwide recognition has been channeled into DUELER tyre brand.


The Dueler D840 is a premium SUV tyre.

Sizes Ply Load Index Speed Rating Overall Diameter (mm) Overall Width (mm) Recommended Rim (Inch)
205R16    110  736  208  6.0 
225/70R17    108  747  219  6.0 
245/70R16    111  749  246  7.0 
255/70R15C    112  744  244  7.0 
255/70R18    113  814  260  7.0 
265/65R17    112  776  262  7.5 
265/70R16    112  777  265  8.0 
275/65R17    115  789  279  8.0 

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tyres in south africa
tyres in south africa