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Wheel Balancing

At high speeds the centifugal force generated on a car wheel can amplify the slightest imbalance on a wheel, massively. At these speeds a car with unbalanced wheels becomes dangerous. The wheel no longer runs true, strains are placed on the steering. Braking becomes risky, tyre wear is greatly increased and the wheel bearings are subjected to additional stress and vibration.However, at lower speeds, the sensation may be unnoticeable. But as speed doubles, these forces actually increase fourfold.

There are two types of wheel imbalance:

Static imbalance

A static imbalance causes the wheel to bounce. When a statically balanced wheel is spun on an axle, it will come to rest randomly in any position. If there were a heavy point, the wheel would always come to rest with the heavy point at the bottom.

Dynamic imbalance

A dynamic imbalance causes the wheel to wobble. Weight unevenly distributed on one side of the wheel will not only cause it to bounce as in a static imbalance, but will cause a sideways vibration, too.

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