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Firestone destination and TDG guarantee
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Brand: Firestone
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Built for the medium end of the market, Firestone benefit from a philosophy of high quality products at reasonable prices.

The range includes an industry leading concept, the Tyre Damage Guarantee. This guarantee provides an insurance cover for the arduous conditions of South African roads. If you hit a pothole, or glass, or your tyre is damaged in any way, your tyre is replaced with you only paying for the tread used. Technical and marketing innovation - a Firestone standard for over 100 years.


NEW Firestone TZ700 is a all weather performance tyre, offering a comfortable ride, long wear life with reduced road noise.

  • Improved handling response through centre rib
  • Resistance to irregular wear through sipe in centre rib
  • Reduced road noise and resistance to irregular wear
  • Improved resistance to irregular wear and reduced road noise by stiffness of coupled rib
  • Improved resistance to irregular wear by uniform stiffness of tread blocks

Sizes Ply Load Index Speed Rating Overall Diameter (mm) Overall Width (mm) Recommended Rim (Inch)
185/55R15    82  584.5     
185/60R15    88  603     
195/55R16    87  620.9     
205/60R16    92  652.4     
215/55R16    93  642.9     
225/45R17    91  634.3     
225/45R17    91  634.3     
225/55R16    99  653.9     
225/55R16    99  653.9     
225/60R16    98  676.4     
235/45R17    97  643.3     
245/40R17    91  627.8     
245/40R18    93  653.2     
245/45R18    96  677.7     

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tyres in south africa
tyres in south africa