Bridgestone South Africa

Bridgestone Run Flat OEM Tyres

Product CodeSizeLI/SSPatternVehicle
823570245/45R1795YRE050 ALZAUDI A4 & A5 '08
823560245/45R1795YRE050 AKZAUDI TT '07
825320225/50R1794WRE050 CZAUDI TT '07
825330245/40R1893YRE050 KZAUDI TT '07
060000205/55R1691WER300 RFT1 SERIES BMW
827040195/55R1687VER300 RFT1 SERIES BMW
827050195/55R1687HER300 RFT1 SERIES BMW
060030205/55R1691VER300 RFT1 SERIES BMW
826280205/50R1789VRE050 A1 RFT1 SERIES BMW
826300205/50R1789WRE050A RFT1 SERIES BMW
827360205/55R1691HER300 RFT"NEW" 3 SERIES BMW
060000205/55R1691WER300 RFT"NEW" 3 SERIES BMW
060030205/55R1691VER300 RFT"NEW" 3 SERIES BMW
826990225/50R1692VRE050 RFT"NEW" 3 SERIES BMW
826400225/50R1692WRE050 RFT"NEW" 3 SERIES BMW
826940225/45R1791YRE050A RFT"NEW" 3 SERIES BMW
826760225/45R1791WRE050A (FRONT) RFT"NEW" 3 SERIES BMW
826390255/40R1794WRE050A (REAR) RFT"NEW" 3 SERIES BMW
826750225/45R1791VRE050A (FRONT) RFT"NEW" 3 SERIES BMW
826380255/40R1794VRE050A (REAR) RFT"NEW" 3 SERIES BMW
826120225/40R1888WRE050A (FRONT) RFT"NEW" 3 SERIES BMW
826130255/35R1890WRE050A (REAR) RFT"NEW" 3 SERIES BMW
827400225/35R1988YRE050 (FRONT) RFT"NEW" 3 SERIES BMW
827410255/30R1991YRE050 (REAR) RFT"NEW" 3 SERIES BMW
826170225/50R1794WRE050 RFT5 SERIES BMW
826180245/45R1795WRE050 RFT5 SERIES BMW
826230245/40R1893WRE050A (FRONT) RFT5 SERIES BMW
826350275/35R1895WRE050A (REAR)RFT5 SERIES BMW
826260245/40R1893YRE050A (FRONT) RFT5 SERIES BMW
826360275/35R1895YRE050ACZ (REAR) RFT5 SERIES BMW
826190245/45R1896WRE050A (FRONT) RFT6 SERIES BMW
826200275/40R1899WRE050A (REAR) RFT6 SERIES BMW
826210245/40R1994WRE050A (FRONT) RFT6 SERIES BMW
826220275/35R1996WRE050A (REAR) RFT6 SERIES BMW
827770255/55R18109HD400 RFT(E70) BMW X5
809650285/45R19111WDUELER HP SPOR RFT(E70) BMW X5
809640255/50R19107WDUELER HP SPOR RFT(E70) BMW X5
809700275/40R20106WDUELER HP SPOR RFT(E70) BMW X5
809730315/35R20110WDUELER HP SPOR RFT(E70) BMW X5
826110225/45R1791WRE050A RFTZ4 BMW
826990225/50R1692VRE050 RFTZ4 BMW
826120225/40R18Z88WRE050A (FRONT) RFTZ4 BMW
826130255/35R1890WRE050A (REAR) RFTZ4 BMW
827720205/40R1882WRE050 QZMINI '07
824800245/45R1896YRE050FERRARI 612S
825250285/40R19103YRE050FERRARI 612S
827920215/55R1697VER300 PZVW EOS CABRIOLET
  • "OLD" 3-SERIES BMW = E46
  • 6-SERIES BMW = E63 / E64
  • X5 BMW = E53
  • 7 - SERIES BMW = E65/E66
  • 5-SERIES BMW = E60
  • X3 BMW = E83
Bridgestone South Africa

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