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Brand: Bridgestone
  • Ultra High Performance
  • General Use

Product Feature

Aggressive tread pattern

While the LIGHTNING GROOVE tread pattern features an aggressive look, it also provides enhanced water drainage and traction for city driving.

Quiet performance

MY-02 is designed with 5 separate block pitches, which are arranged in a random sequence around the tire to significantly reduce noise.

FCP Wear control

The Flat Contact Patch (FCP) design holds the blocks flat against the ground to limit side-slip and prevent irregular wear.

Sizes Ply Load Index Speed Rating Overall Diameter (mm) Overall Width (mm) Recommended Rim (Inch)
205/40R17    84  595.8     
205/50R17    93  636.8     
215/40R17    87  603.8     
215/45R17    91  625.3     
215/55R17    94  668.3     
225/45R17    91  634.3     
225/55R17    101  679.3     
235/40R18    95  645.2     
235/45R17    94  643.3     
245/45R18    100  677.7     

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tyres in south africa
tyres in south africa