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Up to 5%* fuel saving over the previous Ecopia range

Discover the all-new ECOPIA H-STEER 001, ECOPIA H-DRIVE 001 and ECOPIA H-TRAILER 001, Bridgestone’s most efficient highway truck tyres ever, with a dramatic reduction in rolling resistance giving up to 5%* fuel saving over the previous Ecopia range without compromising tyre life.

In addition, the outstanding grip and braking response in wet weather conditions ensure higher levels of safety**.


Bridgestone’s exclusive NanoPro-TechTM compound dramatically reduces the internal friction between the different tyre compound elements.

This leads to a major reduction of energy loss and, therefore, rolling resistance.

This, in turn, leads directly to fuel savings of up to 5%*, as proven in extensive testing.

Where does the fuel-saving come from?

Depending on the situation and driving conditions, between 20% and 50% of fuel consumption is a result of rolling resistance, which is the force required purely to roll the tyre.

For example, at a constant 80 km/h, about 40% of fuel consumption is caused by rolling resistance.

Where does the fuel-saving come from?

Up to 5%* fuel saving, that makes a real difference

We made a simulation

A transport company specialising in long-distance international transport has a fleet of 300 trucks.

Each truck drives some 75,000 miles per year. Average fuel consumption is 10.5 gallon/100 miles.

If the average price per gallon is £ 6.36, then the total annual fuel cost is £ 15,025,500.

A saving of up to 5%* reduces fuel costs by up to £ 751,275 per year!

(*) Based on TÜV SÜD test results and internal testing comparing the ECOPIA H-STEER 001, ECOPIA H-DRIVE 001 and ECOPIA H-TRAILER 001 with the previous Ecopia range (respectively the R249 Ecopia, M749 Ecopia and R109 Ecopia, in sizes 315/70 R 22.5 and 385/55 R 22.5).

Please note that actual fuel savings and road safety may vary as they depend heavily on the behaviour of drivers.

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