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Mixing Radial and Diagonal Truck Tyres

All vehicles

Different tyre sizes or tyre constructions must not be mixed on the same axle. In fact it is preferred not to mix tyre constructions on the same vehicle.

Trucks with two axles

Install radial tyres on the rear and diagonal tyres on the front if the vehicle is equipped with single tyres in all positions, and if mixing of radials and diagonals is necessary. Ensure that each vehicle axle uses the same tyre size, similar tread design and construction (radial or diagonally since any differences can lead to a loss of vehicle control.

In the case of four-wheel drive vehicles it is imperative that all tyres be of the same overall diameter or tyre construction to avoid possible damage to the drive train.

Trucks with more than two axles

Either radial or diagonal tyres may be used for the front tyres and can be run with either radial or diagonal tyres on the drive axles. However, the tyres on the rear axles should be either all radial or all diagonal.


Either all radial or diagonal tyres may be used for single axle trailers. Radial or diagonal tyres may be used for multiple axle trailers on all positions or can be intermixed with radial and diagonal tyres as long as all the tyres on each axle are of the same construction.

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