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Firestone Radial 8000 Severe Service

Firestone Radial 8000 Severe Service agricultural tyre

Constructed to withstand the most severe soil conditions in hard, dry and rocky terrain. This tyre can be used on normal agricultural tractors as well as on light construction equipment.

Sizes Ply Load Index Speed Rating Overall Diameter (mm) Overall Width (mm) Recommended Rim (Inch)
520/85R38    155  A8  1810  528  W18L 
460/85R34 (18.4R34)    147  A8  1635  467  W16L 
460/85R38 (18.4R38)    149  A8  1750  467  W16L 
480/70R34    143  A8  1575  475  W15L 
480/70R38    145  A8  1675  475  W15L 
580/70R38    155  A8  183  580  W158 
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