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Brand: Firestone
  • Mud Terrain

The Firestone range of 4x4 and light truck all terrain tyres are for drivers who want to go wherever the road takes them, from main streets to the bush.

All terrain performance is complemented by added technology that promotes a smooth and quiet ride.


The Destination M/T is the first Firestone light truck tyre with exclusive UNI-T technology to advance wet handling and braking. With deep skid lugs, 3 body ply construction, over-the-shoulder tread/lug design and our special Rim Guard off road protector rib, the Destination M/T is also ready to deliver extra grip in winter conditions. All these features add up to a light truck tyre that has what it takes for off road, all terrain,all season performance.

Destination M/T with Uni T


Improves uniformity and ride comfort through use of a single continuous strand of cable in the bead construction.

Rim Guard

Protects wheels from curb damage through raised rubber ridge.

Mud and Off Road Traction

The result of a unique over-the-shoulder tread/lug design that increases Extraction Traction to help get you through ruts and mud combined with low Attack Angle to increase pulling power. Wide wraparound lugs and special tread element shapes and angles help deflect road hazards from the shoulder areas as well as improve self-cleaning in mud and snow conditions.

LL Carbon

Helps improve tread wear and resist crackng, chipping and tearing through the use of a special long length carbon structure.


Provides outstanding resistance to on and off highway hazards using 3 polyester body plies and a high strength tie-in construction.

SizesPlyLoad IndexSpeed RatingOverall Diameter (mm)Overall Width (mm)Recommended Rim (Inch)
245/70R17  119 782 248 7.0 
265/60R18  109 775 272 8.0 
265/75R16  123 804 270 7.0 
275/55R20  111 811 284 8.5 
275/70R18  125 843 279 7.0 
285/70R17  121 832 294 8.5 
30/9.50R15  104 756 266 7.5 

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tyres in south africa
tyres in south africa