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Featuring Bridgestone`s new fundamental tyre technology, UNI-T, the Dueler D673 is designed for the cross- country vehicle driver who wants the aggressive performance and appearance of a maximum traction lug tyre, yet also desires a tyre that offers a comfortable ride and responsive handling on the road.

  • ComfortComfort

    Smooth and comfortable ride

  • RobustnessRobustness

    Rugged design, extra-durable construction

  • Wet ControlWet Control

    High traction and stable handling in wet weather

SizesPlyLoad IndexSpeed RatingOverall Diameter (mm)Overall Width (mm)Recommended Rim (Inch)
235/75R15  104 739 235 6.5 
245/75R16  120 780 237 6.5 
31/10.50R15  109 781 278 8.5 
32/11.50R15  113 807 302 
33/12.50R15  108 389 329 10.0 
235/85R16  108 806 240 7.0 
285/75R16  122 840 289 8.0 
Bridgestone South Africa

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