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#PinkValveCaps Project

The #PinkValveCaps Project is a nationwide Breast Cancer Initiative raising funds to raise awareness and educate individuals. The #PinkValveCaps are sold at R50 per set through our Retail Partner, Supa Quick which has more than 260 franchises.

The funds raised is then donated to a Breast cancer organisation selected by Bridgestone SA.

Over the past two years, a total of R1 million per year and contributed to The Pink Drive. Within the first year Bridgestone SA with Supa Quick was able to donate towards The Pink Drive’s first Mobile Mammography unit.

Bridgestone's #PinkValveCaps Project Timeline

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Ending the year with 74% of our target reached. We look forward to reaching the rest early 2017.


Beneficiary announcement – Pink Drive was selected as the 2016 Beneficiary for the third year running. #PinkValveCaps #bridgestonesa #breastcancerawareness
We have reached 20% of our target beginning of October

#PinkValveCaps Project - pink_value_caps_image.png

The Pink Valve Caps Project has changed its look with the new logo Bridgestone will continue to do the campaigning and sell through Supa Quick

Beneficiary announcement will be sent out beginning of October 2016. Keep up to date on our Social Media Pages & Website. Hashtags for Social Media #PinkValveCaps #bridgestonesa #breastcancerawareness


In early 2015 after meeting the target of 2nd R1 million. A ceremony was held with the Pink Drive to commemorate the special occasion, various VIP’s, Government officials, Bridgestone management and members of the press were in attendance.

This has changed the campaign from being a social campaign to a campaign with purpose, With more mobile mammography units available and greater government involvement.


In collaboration with local swim suit celebrities we further entrenched the message and drive to retail dealerships which helped us meet the target of R1 million once again!


To further help and support the 2014 campaign the following media was used: Print, Radio, Digital, Social, Swimsuit YouTube videos and a TV ad was developed, using everyday people and celebrities who are affected by Breast Cancer


There was a large amount of support from dealers around the country. Many of whom had the Pink Drive’s new mobile mammography unit and invited the community to get checked out


Due to the success of the first years’ campaign Bridgestone decided to continue the momentum into 2014/2015 through additional media exposure and further buy in from retail, helped further voice the message that early detection saves lives


By early 2014 Bridgestone had met the target of R1 million and had a ceremony with the Pink Drive and the press to commemorate the special occasion


In collaboration with local celebrities we further spread the message and encouraged communities to go to Bridgestone’s retail dealerships, helping us meet our target of R1 million


The objective of the campaign was 3 fold,

  1. Educate the Community, Dealers and Corporate that early detection saves lives
  2. Drive end users to retail partners
  3. Ensure that our efforts uplift the communities we work in

In October 2013, Bridgestone and The Pink Drive journey began with Bridgestone selling Pink Valve caps through its retail partners to raise R1 million to donate to Pink Drive for its first Mobile Mammography unit


The Pink Drive

Pink Drive is an initiative started and run by an individual in the private sector who relies 100% on sponsorship from business. The project is geared to bridge the gap between private and public healthcare and address the needs of less fortunate, and medically uninsured by introducing Mobile Health Units which take health care to the community.

This has been achieved through collaborative relationships with like minded corporate partners, Bridgestone SA currently support the initiative through fund raising efforts and the sponsorship of tyres for the mobile units and support vehicles since 2013.

Statistics provided by the Pink Drive Foundation reflect that as of the end of Oct 2015 over 179,000 woman have been educated on breast health care, over 122,000 clinical breast examinations have taken place, and over 8,600 mammograms have been completed.

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