This image shows the back of an urban bus with Bridgestone urban bus tyres driving in the city centre.

Bridgestone urban tyres handle the typical challenges of city driving to deliver a comfortable and sustainable city drive.


Urban bus TYRE
  • Low-profile single drive tyre for buses and coaches
  • Low-weight solution for maximum payload
  • Compact design maximises interior space for passengers
Urban bus TYRE
  • Excellent sidewall protection minimises scuff damage and abrasion from kerb
  • Extra deep tread for long tyre life and low cost per kilometre
  • Thick tread gauge for easy regrooving and retreading
Urban bus TYRE
  • Low cost per kilometre and high safety throughout the tyre’s total lifecycle
  • Robust high-value casing for longer life and higher retreadability
  • Thick sidewall protection to minimise damage from kerbs and other road hazards
  • All-season performance thanks to excellent grip and braking performance in mud and fresh or melting snow
Urban bus TYRE
  • Sustainable urban mobility 1
  • High load capacity 2
  • Excellent mileage 3
  • Reinforced sidewall
  • Equipped with RFID tyre identification & Winter Ready with 3PMSF, M+S