Duravis R660

Summer Van tyre
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Duravis R660

Summer Van tyre
Want to boost your bottom line? Start from the bottom up! The new Duravis R660 significantly reduces your total cost per kilometre thanks to its outstanding mileage, high durability and great wet weather performance.
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  • High mileage combined with fuel economy
  • High traction and stable handling in wet weather
  • Rugged design, extra-durable construction
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Technical features & benefits

Bridgestone Duravis R660 Rugged design


The Duravis R660 is built to last, offering durability and excellent wear resistance. Excellent mileage means low operating costs over the long term, boosting your profitability even further.


Greatly enhanced tread design delivers confident and reliable handling across a variety of road and weather conditions. The engineered rib pattern design evacuates water away from the contact area quickly, ensuring short stopping distances in the wet.


Rising fuel costs mean that even the smallest improvements in fuel economy can make a big difference to your bottom line! The Duravis R660 offers reduced fuel consumption thanks to its Super-S shaped casing.