Olympians Caster Semenya, Josia Thugwane and Lawrence Brittain are ambassadors for Bridgestone’s “Chase Your Dream, No Matter What” campaign

All our ambassadors have overcome extreme adversity on their paths to Olympic Games success, and we are proud to tell their extraordinary stories of courage, devotion and perseverance. Their stories are an inspiration to us all.

Chase your dream, no matter what.

Meet our ambassadors

Caster Semenya

Caster Semenya

Caster Semenya dreamed of being the greatest athlete. And with the resilience instilled in her by her family and community, she powered her way through to win Olympic Games gold and beyond.

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Lawrence Brittain

Lawrence Brittain

Meet Lawrence Brittain, the South African rower who defied all the odds to take silver at the Olympic Games Rio 2016 after beating cancer less than two years before.

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Josia Thugwane

Josia Thugwane

Josia Thugwane went from severe poverty to becoming the first black man to win an individual gold medal in South Africa, motivated every stride of the way by the dream of supporting his family.

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Swimmer in open water


No one is born an Olympian. Olympians are made. They are moulded from more than strength and speed, they are made from something else. They express absolute focus on the road to their dreams. For decades we’ve been keeping and recognizing those on track. Whatever their journey, no matter the conditions, this is our passion. So whatever you want to achieve, Olympic glory or an everyday goal, keep going. Stay true. Chase your dream, no matter what.