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Bridgestone South Africa - New Office Construction Commences

Aug 24, 2018

Bridgestone South Africa laid their branded brick today, to mark the construction of its new head offices in the sought-after Waterfall City development in Midrand. The brick-laying ceremony was attended by Bridgestone SA’s CEO Gavin Young and staff, the developer Abland and owners Pod and Tadvest Commercial who couldn’t contain their excitement with this milestone.

The new headquarters will be ideally situated between Johannesburg and Pretoria within the rising commercial city to accommodate business growth, support collaboration, enhance operations, and provide an easily accessible location that is central even for customers. Poised to be the new CBD of Gauteng, Waterfall is rapidly developing into a true lifestyle and blue-chip business destination between the metropolis of Johannesburg and it is the growth node of Gauteng. The business precinct is seen as the economic hub of the African continent.

“This is truly an exciting time for us and it commemorates a significant transformation for the company, employees, customers and partners,” said Young. 

Placing Focus on Customer Needs

“The construction of new offices is in line with our revised strategy. We are not in the property business; therefore, we took the decision to sell our property space in Isando and use that capital to invest in business growth and innovation. We wish to place a stronger focus on what is important to our customers, which is providing the right solutions to address their needs. This capital will help us improve efficiencies and operations within the business,” says Young.

A Space to Inspire Innovation and Creativity

The new building will occupy 4800m2 to accommodate a staff complement of more than 200.

“The employee work space is also very critical in our consideration on this new offices’ construction. Employees need a space which provides comfort and great ambience as well as an environment that inspires innovative and creative thinking,” adds Young. “We believe the new office design will enhance staff collaboration and engagement and move away from hierarchical structure to improve productivity.

We are positioned to be an employer of choice in the industry and it is only fitting that we create the state of the art and modern office environment to appeal to new recruits going forward.”

A Home to Flagship Car Brands

“We are honoured that Bridgestone has entrusted Abland to develop their new offices as part of our Waterfall Precinct development, which is set to become one of the largest motor nodes in South Africa. We are committed to ensuring we bring their vision to life and make this an exciting place of work for all employees,” says Grant Silverman Marketing and Leasing Director at Abland.

The site will be one of the largest motoring cities in Gauteng and home to flagship car brands such as BMW, amongst others.

Bridgestone expects to move into the new and modern premises in February 2019 and start trading on the 1st of April.

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