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Top Grip, Value Pricing from Firestone Newcomer

Dec 06, 2016

Bridgestone South Africa has announced the launch of a new value-for-money tyre aimed at small to medium sedans and hatches. The product has been launched under the Firestone brand, owned by Bridgestone, the name of the tyre line is Firestone Touring FS100. The FS100 has shown in testing to outperform both its internal product offerings such as the Multihawk and competitor products in a similar price range. The tyre maker says the newcomer in comparison to its rival products delivers exceptional roadholding without sacrificing ride comfort.

“In internal tests, the FS100 equalled the Multihawk for dry handling, but outperformed it for ride comfort, road noise and wet handling,” explained Patrick Leslie, General Manager of Consumer Marketing for Bridgestone South Africa. “We are very pleased to be able to offer this state-of-the-art tyre at prices which represent excellent value for consumers.”

One of the main design goals for the FS100 was to provide well-balanced performance through applying a sophisticated tread design along with a tread compound that provides good grip in both wet and dry conditions. Under wet braking conditions, the tyre features wide main grooves with highly-slanted diagonal slits which disperse water while minimising tyre deformation. In addition to innovative tread designs, the tyre's sidewall construction has been beefed up to provide superior stability with better protection against sidewall cuts.

Of course, should the tyre encounter an obstacle which it cannot survive, owners are covered by the free Tyre Damage Guarantee which comes standard with all Firestone tyres. Consumers can be credited for the amount of the remaining tread on damaged Firestone Tyres, subject to certain terms and conditions.
The FS100 will initially be available in a range of ten sizes from mid-November 2016, covering wheel diameters from 13 to 16 inches. SupaQuick stores nationally will offer these FS100 sizes as of mid-November 2016. Another 23 sizes will join the line-up in 2017 to make the FS100 one of the most comprehensive tyre ranges on the South African market.

“The FS100 offers exceptional value for a tyre of this quality” Leslie commented. “With consumers being squeezed financially, our aim is to put quality and safety within the reach of all drivers of small to medium cars. As our FS100 launch material communicates this product is 100% Awesome” he concluded.

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