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May 10, 2016

Bridgestone South Africa's Tyre Check project conducted its second survey of 2016 with a visit to Irene Village Mall, south-east of Pretoria. The long-running project, which has monitored tyre condition and pressures on South African vehicles since 2007, gathered information on 1276 tyres in the car park of the Pick n Pay at the centre in late April.

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Kelly Fester, Bridgestone PRO, accompanied by 6 year old Nikita  Janse van Rensburg title holder of 
"Miss Tiny Queen of the World" surprising customer with a Tyre Safety gift to continue to ensure her safety on the road.

 "This was Tyre Check's second visit to Irene," said Bridgestone PRO, Kelly Fester. "Our 2015 survey revealed low rates of serious tyre damage or under-inflation, and the latest survey shows a similar good standard."

Information on the tyres on each vehicle is recorded on a standardised data sheet. Each tyre's pressure and condition is noted, including excessive wear or damage which renders the tyre unsafe. Tyre pressures are recorded as 'fine' if they are within an inflation pressure band of 180kPa to 290 kPa. Tyres with higher inflation pressure are recorded as 'over-inflated' except where they are in accordance with the vehicle's manufacturer specification. Tyre pressures below 180kPa are classified as  'low',  'very low', or 'dangerously low', depending on how low the pressure is.

Bridgestone's tyre specialists had some volunteer help for the Irene event thanks to Carolyn Baldwin of Pageants SA and 15 of her participants and their families who assisted the Bridgestone team. The visitors included Mrs Queen of the World and Miss Tiny South Africa, and the volunteer support helped the tyre specialists check many more tyres than the average of 800 to 900 which are sampled on typical Tyre Check events.

89 percent of tyres were in the "fine" inflation bracket, a slight drop on the 92 percent recorded in the 2015 Irene survey. There was also an increase in the number of over-inflated tyres from 1.2 percent in 2015 to 1.8 percent in the most recent survey. "In addition we noted a small rise in under-inflation, but we were pleased to find that the percentage of tyres in the 'dangerously low' bracket, dropped from 0.7 percent in 2015 to 0.55 percent this year," Fester commented. "This is the second-lowest figure in the history of Tyre Check."

The rate of unsafe or worn out tyres also dropped, from three percent in 2015 to two percent this year. Bridgestone said that the most recent survey tended to confirm data from the 2015 survey, which showed a reasonable standard of tyre care in the Irene area. "Overall we're satisfied with this year's survey but we remind all motorists to check their tyre pressures at least every two weeks with a good quality pressure gauge," Fester concluded.

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