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Bridgestone Unveils CV2000 Successor

Apr 28, 2016

Bridgestone South Africa has unveiled the successor to its widely-used CV2000 light commercial tyre. The newcomer, named CV2020, serves the same market as its predecessor, which gained strong acceptance as a first-choice tyre for workhorse LDVs in the delivery, construction and farming industries.

"The CV2020 also offers a safe, cost-effective fitment option for older-generation minibus taxis like the Toyota Hi-Ace and Nissan E20," said Bridgestone's General Manager of Marketing, Tony Burns. "The new tyre continues to provide all the attributes which made the CV2000 a bestseller, but with important advances in areas like durability and the reduction of irregular wear," he added.

Visually, the tyre can be identified by the new tread design which includes numerous additional water channels, or sipes, to improve wet weather roadholding and braking performance. Lug grooves on the shoulders also enhance traction.

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A new tread compound has been designed for the tyre, with special emphasis on providing additional resistance to cuts and tread chipping when vehicles are operated under harsh conditions such as on construction sites or gravel roads.

These changes have resulted in a durability increase of up to five percent compared to the CV2000, with substantial reductions in irregular wear, as well as reduced noise and improved ride quality. Contributing to the durability increase is the use of polyester body plies, together with an improved construction, lending enhanced stability to the tyre.

Heat resistance is an important issue in South Africa, with vehicles routinely carrying heavy loads for long distances in high ambient temperatures. The CV2020's new tread compound and construction reduce excessive heat buildup, further contributing to the tyre's safety and durability.

"With even workhorse vehicles having eye-catching styling these days, the Bridgestone design team also paid attention to the aesthetics of the CV2020," Burns commented. "Apart from the new tread pattern, the sidewall has been re-designed, with an attractive new pattern and clear lettering."

The tyre is available in a single size, 195R14C, with Bridgestone recommending it be fitted to the 5.5 inch rim size which is commonplace in the light commercial vehicle market.

"We're confident that the CV2020 will find wide acceptance among buyers who relied on the CV2000 for many years," Burns concluded.

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