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Jul 27, 2015

We are very proud to announce that Bridgestone South Africa has been awarded the BEST TYRE BRAND, in the 2015/16 Ask Africa Icon Brands Awards. The award is based on an independent research survey by TGI. For the past 2 survey periods, Dunlop Tyres had number one position, and Bridgestone winning this period"™s award represents a strong shift in consumer perception towards the Bridgestone brand.

About the TGI Survey

The TGI survey is conducted annually from January through December, across all communities, using 8000 inhabitants over the age of 15+. In total 15 690 consumers were surveyed in 2014 and in the enumerated sample this represents over 23.3 million consumers, in accordance with the Statistics SA population estimates. The demographics of the sample comprise; Adults, 15 - 65+, with a weighting towards adults between 25 and 64+. The gender split is 60% Male and 40% female respondents.

Brand Icon Status - Explained

Brand Icon status is assigned to a brand within a category, that"™s based on a loyalty score weighting, derived from the original survey. Loyalty is measured by brands that are purchased more often in a category and brands that are used exclusively in a category. The results are based on consumer purchase behaviour in the preceding 12 months. The Brand Icon status is only assigned to brands that are relevant to the population as a whole.

We couldn"™t have achieved this without the unflagging hard work and dedication of all our staff and dealers. We thank you all for your commitment.

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