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Irene drivers score on Bridgestone tyre check

Apr 28, 2015

More than 92% of tyres surveyed during Bridgestone's most recent Tyre Check event were correctly
inflated. The event, held in the car park of Pick n Pay's Irene Village Mall store, checked 1016 tyres on
254 vehicles for inflation pressure, tread wear and damage.

"This good result seems to show that there is above-average awareness of tyre safety in this area,"
said Bridgestone PR Manager, Desirée van Niekerk. "In our 2013 Tyre Check survey in nearby
Centurion, for instance, a record 98% of tyres were found to be correctly inflated," she explained.
The team of Bridgestone staff and tyre experts inspected each tyre thoroughly and left a leaflet
under the windscreen of each vehicle which provided detailed information on the condition of the
tyres. Although six percent of tyres were found to have low, or very low pressures, only 0.7% were
dangerously low, a figure comparable with previous top-ranking rounds of Tyre Check. The
percentage of over-inflated tyres was also low, at just 1.2%.Three percent of tyres were found to be
unsafe or in need of replacement due to damage or excessive treadwear, a figure which matched the
Edenvale survey conducted earlier in 2015.

As part of the data pack generated from the survey, Bridgestone also revealed the most popular tyre
sizes. Heading the pack was the 205/55 R16 tyre size which is fitted to many popular mid-range
sedans - nine percent of vehicles were shod with these tyres. In joint second place at seven percent
each were 185/60 R15 and 265/65 R17; the latter is fitted to many SUVs and reflects the increasing
prominence of that vehicle type in recent years. Third place went to 175/65 R14, which accounted
for six percent of the tyres surveyed. Bridgestone explained that the first number in a tyre size (for
instance 205 in a 205/55 R16 tyre) showed how wide the tread surface was in millimetres. The
number after the slash, 55, shows the aspect ratio. In simple terms it means that the distance from
the tread to the bead is 55% of the tread width. The R shows that the tyre is of radial construction
and the 16 indicates that it is manufactured to fit a 16-inch diameter rim.

Most well-known tyre manufacturers' products were represented in the survey, with Bridgestone
being the most common tyre, accounting for fully 20% of all the tyres which were checked. Toyota
was the most numerous vehicle brand, at 13%, followed by Volkswagen (12%) and Hyundai (eight

"The latest Tyre Check results showed that the motorists of the Irene area showed good awareness
of correct inflation pressures and tyre conditions despite the wide range of vehicles, tyre sizes and
tyre makes," van Niekerk commented. "We're pleased with the outcome of the survey and hope to
see similar good results throughout the rest of the 2015 Tyre Check season," she concluded.

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