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Western Cape leaps ahead in Bridgestone Safety Check

Nov 26, 2013

Bridgestone's Tyre Check safety programme for 2013 has ended on a high note. The final event of the year, held on the 9th of November in the car park of the Pick n Pay Hypermarket at Ottery in Cape Town showed significant gains in tyre safety compared to the Tyre Check survey conducted at the same location in 2012.

"The improvement came as a surprise after last year's disappointing results," said Sales and Marketing Director, Philip Nel. "In fact, the tyre conditions we discovered in Ottery in 2012 were the worst for the previous three years, and our hopes weren't high for this year's survey," he admitted. "Fortunately, Ottery has shown one of the most substantial year-on-year improvements on record," he added.

In 2012, the Ottery survey revealed that just 82% of tyres surveyed were correctly inflated. Inflation pressures exceeding 2.9 Bars or below 1.5 Bars are regarded as extremely dangerous, and a full 15% of tyres fell into this bracket in 2012. Meanwhile, 3% of tyres were regarded as dangerous (pressure between 1.5 and 1.7 Bars).

For 2013, 912 tyres on 228 vehicles were surveyed, with each vehicle's tyre condition being recorded on a leaflet left on the windscreen. The percentage of correctly inflated tyres rose to 87%, which compares favourably with results from other locations surveyed during the year. The percentage of tyres regarded as extremely dangerous dropped by more than half, to 7%. Bridgestone said it was likely that some of the 'extremely dangerous' tyres had moved into the 'dangerous' category, which doubled to 6% compared to 2012. "While we'd have preferred these tyres to have been correctly inflated, at least they are safer than they previously were," Nel commented.

The team of Bridgestone tyre specialists also assessed each tyre for overall condition; 4% of the tyres surveyed were found to be damaged or worn to the legal limit or beyond. This again compares favourably with the leading locations surveyed over the past 24 months. With this credible leap ahead in tyre condition in the Western Cape, Bridgestone has described the 2013 Tyre Check season as the most successful in the seven-year history of the project. A record 6724 tyres were profiled, with a record 90.2% being correctly inflated, an improvement on the previous record of 89% set in 2012.

"We have continued to see a small, but steady decline in the number of tyres in the 'dangerous' and 'extremely dangerous' categories and are hopeful this trend will continue into 2014," Nel said.

He called on motorists to ensure their tyres were correctly inflated, with sufficient tread to disperse water in wet weather. "Don't let a dangerous tyre claim your life this holiday season," he concluded.

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