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Bridgestone unveils NEW Ecopia EP200

Oct 25, 2013

Bridgestone South Africa has announced the release of the Ecopia EP200 which replaces the previous generation Ecopia EP100A. The new tyre features Bridgestone's proprietary Nano ProTech technology, a new technology that increases the density of silica molecules in the tyre's compound. Nano ProTech reduces heat generation and energy losses while driving, giving lower rolling resistance.

"In tests carried out at the Gerotek testing facilities in Pretoria, the Ecopia EP200's rolling resistance was 78 metres better than its main competitor," said Bridgestone Promotions Manager, Jan Maritz. "In the same tests, a 195/65R15 Ecopia returned 4.3% lower fuel consumption than its non-Ecopia equivalent," he added.

Bridgestone says these benefits have been obtained without compromising treadwear or roadholding, and the Ecopia EP200 includes numerous advances which give the driver better control under all driving conditions. One of these advances is high-stiffness shoulder tread blocks which have a square profile instead of the rounder profile of conventional tyres. This improves directional stability while reducing rolling resistance. Bridgestone says that the square profile shoulders also provide greater resistance against irregular wear.

The centre tread blocks are moulded in the shape of a reversed Z, providing more stable road contact. The blocks include a high angle lug groove that enhances wet weather roadholding. The reversed Z design has allowed Bridgestone's designers to widen the three straight grooves in the tread, significantly reducing the risk of aquaplaning when driving on wet roads.

The Ecopia EP200 is an asymmetrical tyre which is optimised to improve straight-line stability by absorbing forces imposed by uneven and undulating roads. The sidewalls are uniquely shaped on each side of the tyre and this means that, as with other asymmetrical tyres, the Ecopia EP200 should be mounted so that that "outside" marking on the tyre's sidewall faces away from the vehicle.

Bridgestone says that the tyre is aimed at upper B-segment and C-segment passenger car market, which typically includes vehicles like the Ford Fiesta and Focus, Toyota Corolla, VW Golf and Mercedes-Benz C-Class. The Ecopia EP200 covers the majority of common tyre sizes for these vehicle segments, from 175/65R14 to 225/50R17.

The new Ecopia is covered by Bridgestone's Tyre Damage Guarantee under which a motorist only pays for the tread which has already been used if a tyre is damaged beyond repair and must be replaced.

"The Ecopia EP200 is aimed at the driver who wants a tyre that gives lower fuel consumption and therefore lower emissions, but without compromising on ride comfort and roadholding," Bridgestone's Maritz said. "The Ecopia EP200 builds on the reputation of the previous Ecopia as the premier eco-friendly tyre available in South Africa," he concluded.

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