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Ecopia with Free Tyre Damage Guarantee

Sep 04, 2013

Bridgestone has reminded drivers that all its environmentally-advanced Ecopia passenger tyres are now sold with a free Tyre Damage Guarantee. The Guarantee was previously only available on Firestone passenger tyres, but was extended to the Ecopia range in late July 2013.


Bridgestone Promotions Manager, Jan Maritz, said that the Ecopia guarantee is identical to its Firestone stablemate. "If an Ecopia passenger tyre is damaged, we will provide a new one and the motorist will only pay for the tread they have already used on the damaged tyre," he explained.


He gave the example of a motorist whose tyre was damaged by a pothole while there were still six millimetres of tread remaining of the original eight millimetre tread depth when new. "This means that 75% of the tread depth was left on the damaged tyre, so the motorist will only have to pay 25% of the price of the replacement tyre," he explained.


The Tyre Damage Guarantee runs until the tyre has worn down to 1mm and motorists can claim for damage caused by common road hazards such as rocks, broken glass, potholes or curbs.


Maritz said that the Ecopia Tyre Damage Guarantee was an additional benefit to help reduce the cost of motoring. "A major advantage of Ecopia is its reduced rolling resistance which lowers fuel consumption," he said. "A car using around 7l/100km and travelling 25 000km a year could save R1860 in fuel over a tyre's lifespan by fitting Ecopias," he explained. "That reduces the cost of tyre ownership substantially." He encouraged drivers to visit the Ecopia page on the Bridgestone website and use the online calculator to determine the possible fuel savings Ecopia could offer them. Drivers can also register their Ecopia passenger tyres for the Tyre Damage guarantee online.


Maritz said that the Tyre Damage Guarantee was a great plus for motorists. "The reality on South African roads is that there are many drivers with invalid licences, as well as sections of rural road which are no longer fenced," Maritz commented. "If you have to swerve for a cow or an oncoming car and your tyres are damaged in the process, the Tyre Damage Guarantee will help soften the financial blow," he concluded.



Online registration for the Ecopia Tyre Damage Guarantee can be done at:

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