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Tread Smartly - A Mantra to Live By

Nov 27, 2012

Bridgestone South Africa is excited to be introducing a new philosophy to live by: Tread Smartly.

The Tread Smartly philosophy celebrates the power of smart choices in making our world a better place. It brings to light the impact that all of our choices have on the world around us and emphasizes the importance of thinking about the consequences of our decisions before we make them.

"˜Tread Smartly"™ also confronts the consequences of our tyre choices. "Choosing cheap tyre imports comes at the cost of both safety and performance, which has an impact, not only on your life, but on the lives of those around you." commented Bridgestone Promotions & Advertising Manager, Jan Maritz. "When you choose a high-quality tyre, such as a Bridgestone, you have the assurance of knowing you"™ve made a smart choice because of the safety, technological innovation and performance that is synonymous with the brand," he added.

Bridgestone not only encourages the public to adopt the Tread Smartly way of thinking, but has embraced the philosophy throughout the company. "Bridgestone has a solid heritage built on over 80 years of intelligent choices. Our mission statement of "Serving Society with Superior Quality" means aspiring to give our best to both our customers and society in everything that we do," said Maritz, "Bridgestone"™s synonymy with Superior Quality is due to the smart choices that Bridgestone makes as a company."

Bridgestone"™s "˜B Good Project"™, made up of various corporate social responsibility initiatives, is one of the ways the company chooses to "˜Tread Smartly"™. "Bridgestone believes in the power of smart choices in building sustainable, resilient communities," said Maritz. "Therefore, Bridgestone"™s environmental, community and safety initiatives aim to improve the lives and safety of people in South Africa by empowering people to make smart choices," he said.

"We have added an exciting new initiative to the "˜B Good Project"™ as part of our Tread Smartly campaign. We are building sustainable vegetable gardens in disadvantaged communities, using worn Bridgestone and Firestone tyres," said Maritz, "This not only alleviates the impact on the environment by putting these tyres to good use, but empowers these communities with a scheme that enables them to grow their own vegetables."

"We have brought our Tread Smartly philosophy to life in our innovative new print adverts. We commissioned a young, up-and-coming South African artist, Chris Valentine, to paint four large canvasses using stamps made from the tread of Bridgestone tyres," said Maritz. "We were excited to be breaking the mould of tyre advertising that consumers have come to expect". The unique creation process has been documented on Bridgestone"™s Tread Smartly blog:

As a living philosophy, Bridgestone"™s Tread Smartly concept aims to make a difference to the quality of life for all South Africans.

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