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NEW Firestone Tyre Guarantee

Nov 16, 2012

The Firestone All Road Hazard Guarantee is now known as the Firestone Tyre Damage Guarantee. This is the news from Bridgestone South Africa, makers of Firestone tyres.

"When the guarantee was first launched in the 1980s, it was Firestone's most revolutionary step since it first sold tyres in South Africa in 1936," said Bridgestone Promotions & Advertising Manager, Jan Maritz. "More than two decades on, we're proud to be re-affirming our commitment to the guarantee with a new name which makes it clear that Firestone owners needn't worry about tyre damage," he added.

The guarantee comes free with all Firestone passenger branded tyres and means that when a damaged tyre is replaced, the only charge being for the amount of tread that has been used. Firestone was the first tyre brand in South Africa to offer such a guarantee, and with the decline in quality of South Africa's roads since the guarantee was first launched makes it better value than ever before.

The Tyre Damage Guarantee covers all tyres in the Firestone range and doesn't restrict the kind of damage which can be claimed for - if the guarantee is valid and a tyre becomes damaged beyond repair while in use, Firestone will replace it with an equivalent new tyre. Damage could typically arise from bottles, potholes, objects that have fallen off other vehicles, branches from trees and other hazards like pavement impacts. Full details on the guarantee can be found at

"Tyre damage isn't only due to objects on the road surface," Maritz commented. "We nowadays share the roads with many unlicensed drivers, and if you swerve to avoid another motorist's error and damage a tyre against a pavement or other road obstacle in the process, it's good to know you're covered," he concluded.

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