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Mixed Results in Centurion Tyre Check

Sep 03, 2012

Centurion played host to round three of the 2012 Bridgestone Tyre Check programme when a team of tyre specialists set up shop in the car park of Pick n Pay's Bylsbridge Promenade on August 25. A total of 968 tyres on 242 vehicles were checked for condition, tread depth and inflation pressure.


This time round, staff from Supa Quick Centurion, were on hand to assist motorists with quotations and advice on replacement tyres. Each tyre checked was classified as either 'fine' (inflation pressure between 180 kPa and 290 kPa), 'dangerous' (below 180 kPa but above 150 kPa) or 'extremely dangerous' (below 150 kPa or above 290 kPa).


Each vehicle was left with a tyre condition report under the windscreen wiper and numerous tyre information leaflets were distributed to interested motorists. "The Centurion survey produced mixed results," said Bridgestone PR Manager, Mandy Lovell.


"On the one hand, the trend towards better inflation pressures that we've seen over the past few years was evident in Centurion. Four percent of tyres were found to be in the 'dangerous' category, with a further five percent classified as 'very dangerous'," she said. "This means that 91% of tyres were found to be acceptably inflated, which is one of the top results in the five-year history of the National Tyre Check Programme," she added.


However, she said the results of the tyre condition check took some of the shine off the inflation pressure results - a total of five percent of the tyres surveyed were worn beyond the legal limit of 1.6mm or had other damage which made them unsafe. "Our previous two Tyre Check events returned much lower percentages for unsafe tyres," Lovell commented. "The Carnival City event at the beginning of the year measured 3.3% and the Port Elizabeth survey in June achieved just 1.5%," she explained.


Lovell cautioned motorists that trying to save money by not replacing damaged or warned tyres was false economy. "The rainy season is just around the corner in South Africa's summer rainfall areas. A smooth tyre is unable to disperse water on the road and can lead to aquaplaning and loss of control," she said.


She also reminded motorists that bruises, bulges and cuts on a tyre were danger signs that a tyre had sustained damage and could be at risk of a blowout. "Don't take a chance. Ensure that your tyres are able to give you grip when it counts," she concluded.

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