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Driver Skills training for Max T Solutions

Apr 22, 2012

In the runup to Earth Day on April 22, tyre retailer Max-T has announced a major leap forward in its commitment to sustainability by adopting the Make Cars Green programme for its vehicle fleet. Make Cars Green is the FIA's international greener motoring awareness campaign, sponsored by Max-T's parent company, Bridgestone.

"Max-T has over 400 vehicles servicing its nationwide branch network," said Max-T Procurement and Fleet Manager, Nick Eleftheriou. "We have identified numerous areas in which applying the Make Cars Green philosophy will make our fleet more efficient and environmentally friendly," he explained.

Make Cars Green consists of ten points for greener motoring, eight of which relate to driving style. "We recognise that our biggest contribution to Make Cars Green will come from lower corporate fuel consumption and reduced crashes," said Eleftheriou. "We have laid the groundwork by conducting an extensive review of our fleet operations. We looked at routing, satellite monitoring data, fuel use and unauthorised trips," he added. "We also want to achieve the lowest crash rate possible, to safeguard lives, property and reduce the environmental impact of crashes arising from traffic jams, shortened service life of vehicles and the environmental footprint of emergency response services ," he explained.

He said that Max-T had also looked at the comparitive fuel consumption of different types of vehicles being used in similar roles within the company. When the time comes to replace these vehicles, the average fuel consumption of the vehicle will be given a higher weighting in the list of factors influencing the choice of replacement vehicle.

Apart from buying green – Make Cars Green's opening tip – Max-T will be embarking on a company-wide driver training process to reduce fuel consumption and wear and tear. Make Cars Green's tips to drivers include avoiding harsh acceleration, maintaining a more constant speed, using engine braking, and not idling the vehicle unnecessarily. The full list of tips can be found at "A vehicle that uses ten percent less fuel creates ten percent fewer emissions," said Eleftheriou. "This means fewer replacement parts are required, and since the manufacture of every replacement tyre and brake pad has an environmental impact, adopting Make Cars Green means we can help reduce emissions upstream from our business," he explained.

He said that well-known Eco-Defensive driving specialists, would present the driving skills training to Max-T's drivers. "Bridgestone experienced an average fuel saving of more than sevent percent after implementing Make Cars Green and offering's training to its staff," he said. "With our new fleet optimisations and our adoption of Make Cars Green, Max-T's aim is to match, or even beat that figure," he concluded.

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