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Think Green; Cut Fuel Costs

Apr 10, 2012

With the fuel price reaching record levels, tyre maker Bridgestone has reminded motorists of simple tips to save fuel. "Bridgestone is the international lead sponsor of the FIA's greener motoring campaign, Make Cars Green," said Bridgestone PR Manager, Mandy Lovell. "The campaign consists of ten tips for greener motoring to help drivers save fuel and reduce their environmental footprint," she explained.

Eight of the ten tips relate directly to driving style, such as using engine braking instead of the brakes. This encourages drivers to accelerate less when moving off and slow down earlier for stops, saving fuel. Avoiding excessive idling can also save money - turn the engine off if you will be stopped for longer than a minute or so. And when you start moving, accelerate gently using only a quarter to a half of the accelerator pedal, and keep your speed constant to minimise fuel wastage.

In fact, Make Cars Green advises motorists to save fuel right from startup by not idling the engine to warm it up. The engine is at its most inefficient when cold, and the longer the warm-up period, the more fuel is wasted. Rather allow the engine to idle for briefly after startup to ensure good engine oil circulation and then drive off immediately using moderate engine speeds until the engine has reached operating temperature.

Check your tyre pressures frequently - underinflated tyres are a fuel guzzler as well as being a safety risk - and ensure there aren't unnecessary items in the boot and passenger compartment which add weight and increase fuel consumption. Reduce wind resistance by removing roof racks when they aren't in use where possible.

"Another tip from Make Cars Green is to plan your journeys to use the most economical route," Lovell said, "but with fuel prices increasing, consider whether your journey is really necessary at all," she commented. For essential journeys, alternatives such as using public transport, walking, riding a bicycle, or sharing cars with friends or colleagues to reduce costs and environmental impact, are suggested.

"Bridgestone SA will be announcing details of an important new phase in its commitment to Make Cars Green on World Earth Day, April 22," she explained. "We encourage all drivers to be fuel misers in the run-up to this important annual event, she concluded.

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