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Water Management initiatives

Mar 22, 2012

Tokyo (March 21, 2012)"”Bridgestone Corporation today announced initiatives to ensure the Bridgestone Group plays a proactive role in efforts to realize a sustainable society. The Group has a clear long-term aspiration for environmental activities through its Environmental Mission Statement, which calls on the Group to focus on three important objectives: ecological conservation, resource conservation, and carbon emissions reduction. In accordance with this mission, the Group is promoting globally a wide variety of projects and business processes that benefit the environment.

In conjunction with World Water Day, declared by United Nations General Assembly, Bridgestone will highlight its water management initiatives, which promote the sustainable use of water resources in its manufacturing processes. These initiatives include using water in an efficient manner, thoroughly managing waste water, as well as disclosing the results of these and other initiatives.

In the future, water shortages are projected to occur on a global scale, due to population growth, climate change, and other factors, resulting in a rise in the number of people without sufficient access to water. For this reason, actions such as securing stable supplies of safe and clean water, efficiently using water resources, and preserving water-based ecosystems must be taken throughout the world.

Going forward, the Bridgestone Group will continue to advance its water management initiatives in accordance with the Group"™s Environmental Mission Statement.

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