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Bridgestone Announces Latest Tyre Safety Survey Results

Aug 03, 2011

Hot on the heels of June's Kimberley round of Bridgestone South Africa's ongoing tyre safety survey, the tyre maker has released data from its second tyre check event of 2011. The survey was held on July 23rd in the parking lot of Pick n Pay's Lambton Square Center in Germiston, Gauteng. Bridgestone Public Relations Manager, Mandy Lovell, said that not only were the results of the survey more encouraging than those obtained in Kimberley, but that the survey team far exceeded the survey goal of checking the tyres of at least 100 vehicles.

"1700 tyres on 425 vehicles were checked during the Germiston survey," Lovell said. "We are very proud of our team for checking so many vehicles in just five hours," she added.

Following the usual procedure for the tyre surveys, the pressure and tread depth of each tyre was checked, and its size and any defects found were noted on a data form. An information leaflet was left on the windscreen of each vehicle checked, with comments on the pressure and condition of the vehicle's tyres. Participation was encouraged by offering motorists a Bridgestone safety goodie bag in return for having their vehicles' tyres checked, and the enthusiastic response of shoppers at the centre was one of the reasons behind the high number of vehicles checked.

The condition of the tyres surveyed in Kimberley in June this year lagged behind the national benchmarks established during Bridgestone's 2010 tyre surveys, with a lower percentage of tyres correctly inflated than the average, and higher percentages of tyres worn beyond the legal limit.

This was not the case in Germiston, with 87 percent of the tyres surveyed found to be in good condition and correctly inflated, an improvement of one percent over last year's national figure of 86 percent.

Of the incorrectly-inflated tyres, five percent fell into the ‘dangerous' category of being between 1.5 – 1.7 Bar, with eight percent of tyres falling into the ‘extremely dangerous' category of below 1.5 Bar or above 2.9 Bar, higher than 2010's result. Six percent of the tyres surveyed in Germiston were worn beyond the legal limit of 1.6mm, or were unsafe in other ways, the same as the national percentage for 2010.

Having tyres of differing sizes or tread patterns can affect roadholding and braking, especially when tyres are mixed on the same axle. Feedback from the Kimberley survey indicated that this concern needed further investigation, and Lovell reported that 132 of the vehicles surveyed in Germiston (31 percent) had one or more tyres with differing tread patterns fitted.

She advised motorists to fit tyres of the same tread pattern to the same axle. "A vehicle with mis-matched tread patterns may show different cornering characteristics in left and right-hand bends. It may also be more likely to pull to one side under braking, which could endanger other road users and increase braking distances," she commented. "The Germiston survey has yet again shown that incorrect inflation remains the main tyre care issue, and we remind motorists to check their tyre pressures at least once a fortnight," she concluded.

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