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Tyre Safety Survey Season Kicks Off

Jun 23, 2011

Bridgestone South Africa has released data from its latest tyre safety survey of 2011. The survey was part of Bridgestone"™s ongoing Tyre Safety campaign, now in its fourth year, and was conducted in the parking area of Pick n Pay"™s North Cape Mall in Kimberley on June 4. Several additional surveys will be conducted across the country before the end of 2011 in order to compile a national picture of tyre safety.

"For the Kimberley survey, Bridgestone tyre specialists checked 504 tyres over a five hour period," said Bridgestone Public Relations Manager, Mandy Lovell. "The pressure of each tyre was checked, and its size and any defects found were noted on a data form," she added.

An information leaflet was left on the windscreen of each vehicle checked, with comments on the pressure and condition of the vehicle"™s tyres. Lovell said that there was considerable interest from vehicle owners, with several people requesting further information or that their vehicle"™s tyres be inspected.

She said that the survey revealed the real-world picture of the state of tyre care on passenger vehicles in South Africa, and she expressed concern that the condition of the tyres inspected in Kimberley was slightly below the national figures obtained during surveys conducted in 2010.

"Six percent of the tyres inspected were below the minimum legal tread depth of 1.6mm, compared to last year"™s national average of four percent," Lovell explained. "The pressure checks revealed that only 83 percent of tyres were correctly inflated, compared to last year"™s national figure of 86 percent," she added.

Of the incorrectly-inflated tyres, ten percent fell into the "˜dangerous"™ category of 1.5 - 1.7 Bar. This was an increase over the seven percent of 2010. However, only seven percent of tyres fell into the "˜extremely dangerous"™ category of below 1.5 Bar or above 2.9 Bar. This percentage was unchanged from 2010.

Lovell said the inspection team reported that numerous vehicles had tyres of differing sizes, manufacturers and tread patterns mixed on the same axle. One vehicle was found to have tyres of three different sizes fitted. "Tyres should always be fitted to an axle in identical pairs to ensure correct roadholding and stability under braking," she commented.

She also said that incorrect inflation remained the biggest tyre problem on South Africa"™s roads. "The survey shows that almost one in four tyres is not running at the correct pressure," she commented. "With underinflation being a major preventable cause of blowouts, we call on all drivers to check their tyre pressures weekly as an important safety measure," she concluded.

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