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Bridgestone hosts Opening Ceremony of new BIG T centre

Dec 15, 2010

Tokyo (December 14, 2010)"Bridgestone Corporation held the opening ceremony for the completion of the new building for the Bridgestone Institute of Global Training (referred to as the BIG-T hereafter) in Hiroo, Tokyo.

BIG-T was established in 2008 near the Bridgestone Headquarter in Tokyo and was created as a facility for global human resources development and information sharing within the Bridgestone Group.

Bridgestone has created a process to quickly implement management policies and develop superior human resources in order to optimize its resources company-wide and foster the growth of the Bridgestone group. Accordingly, the company is utilizing the Global-Manufacturing Education Center (G-MEC) to train employees involved in the all areas of manufacturing including education experts at its training centers located in each region around the world to enhance the local human resources activities.

With the opening of this permanent base for the development of the human resources the Group believes that it has completed the facilities that will be needed to develop its global human resources and it will be able to more effectively communicate its management policies globally.

Moving forward, Bridgestone will strengthen initiatives for human resources development and communications on a global basis and which will further enhance its business activities.

Details of the Bridgestone BIG-T Building

Name: Bridgestone Institute of Global Training (BIG-T)

Address: 5-1-7 Minami-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Site area: Approximately 1,556 m"

Total floor space: Approximately 2,995 m"

Type of facilities: Training rooms(6), International Conference room, Reception Hall

Environmental Technologies: Solar Power System, Green Rooftop and Walls, Wall Sprinkler/Evaporative Cooling System, etc.

Design concept: "From Diamonds in the Rough to Finished Gemstones"

Reflecting the desire to have people enrolled in training grow from diamonds in the rough to finished gemstones, the design emulates diamonds in the rough.

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