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Bridgestone to launch COOLSAFE Heat Shield Film

Nov 05, 2010

T okyo (November 5, 2010)"Bridgestone Corporation announced today that it will begin full-scale sales of its COOLSAFE heat shield film used in the production of architectural glass beginning in December 2010.

In recent years there has been an increase in the use of glass for wall surfaces and other external components used in buildings. In such applications, glass with high safety and heat-shielding properties is in great demand.

The COOLSAFE product combines three layers of film to enhance heat-shielding and heighten safety aspects of glass. COOLSAFE incorporates optical material design technology developed by Bridgestone and used in the manufacture of films for flat screen televisions, heat shield film with precision coating technology and adhesive film for solar modules*1 (EVA film*2).

COOLSAFE acts as a barrier to help effectively block solar heat, maintain consistent room temperatures and enable the efficient use of air conditioning thereby conserving energy. Bridgestone tests have demonstrated that compared with general-purpose glass, COOLSAFE can reduce energy consumed for air-conditioning by up to 22%. COOLSAFE also features enhanced shatterproof and penetration resistance*3 properties should the glass be broken.

Environmental initiatives are among the highest priorities for the Bridgestone Corporation. Through the development of products such as COOLSAFE, Bridgestone is doing its part in the prevention of global warming.

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1. These are adhesive films used to fasten solar cells to the glass bases of solar modules and to protect the silicon cells.

2. EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) film is used to fasten silicon cells to glass surfaces through heat-induced molecular binding. EVA film's waterproof nature and strength against ultraviolet rays makes it an ideal adhesive film for solar modules used outdoors.

3. Penetration resistance complies with the following specifications: JIS R3205 in Japan, EN12600 in Europe, and ANSI Z97.1 in the United States.

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