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Bridgestone CO2 Reduction Goals Reflect Dedication to the Environment

Apr 30, 2010

Tokyo (April 30, 2010) "Bridgestone Corporation (Bridgestone), on behalf of its worldwide family of companies, today announced that it has established targets for the reduction of CO2 emissions throughout all it's products" lifecycle in order to help address climate change and support a sustainable society. By establishing these targets, the Bridgestone Group is further increasing its focus on, and commitment to, the environment and is setting the stage for additional environmental initiatives.

As part of Bridgestone's Global Environmental Mission to help ensure a healthy environment for current and future generations, the global company recognizes the importance of building a sustainable society. Bridgestone is taking decisive action with respect to three important environmental perspectives: reducing carbon emissions, resource conservation and ecological conservation. These new carbon reduction goals are Bridgestone's direct response to the challenging demand for development of a low carbon society to address climate change and other important energy related issues.

Bridgestone has established a global goal of 35% reduction in CO2 per sales from the company's total operations (raw material and component procurement, manufacturing and logistics) and also its products" "after-use". Further, Bridgestone is pursuing a challenging goal to improve tire rolling efficiency by 25%, resulting in less fuel use and CO2 emissions from driving, while also extending the life of its tires. Bridgestone estimates that the potential reduction in CO2 emissions from helping improve their customers" fuel efficiency exceeds the emissions related to Bridgestone's operations and its products" after-use. Both of these goals are planned to be achieved by 2020 (compared to a 2005 baseline).

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Bridgestone South Africa

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