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Bridgestone SA to sponsor SARRA

Mar 23, 2010

Bridgestone South Africa today announced a sponsorship agreement with SARRA, the South African Regularity Rallying Association, to create the "2010 Firestone Drive Series" of regularity rallies.

Building from this agreement, the new sponsorship has three major goals: to promote their shared value of motoring enjoyment in South Africa; to assist SARRA in expanding its South African footprint and making the sport available to a wider spectrum of competitors; and to increase Firestone brand awareness through the development of countrywide motoring opportunities.

Part of the agreement, which is to run for the next three years, will see funding from Bridgestone SA being used to assist SARRA in growing its sport, while competitors in SARRA events will feature Firestone branding on their vehicles. Firestone will have exclusive naming rights to the SARRA Series for the duration of the agreement.

"We are excited to welcome SARRA to our partner network," noted Bridgestone Promotions and Advertising Manager, Jan Maritz. "SARRA has a proven ability to run successful motoring events, and we are proud that they will be our partner of choice in the future."

Brian Askew, National President of SARRA commented: "We are delighted to enter this partnership with Firestone and look forward to bringing more driving opportunities to the South African motorist. We feel that there will be much synergy in this relationship."

Firestone is a truly South African tyre since 1936 and is the only passenger tyre that offers the unique All Road Hazard Guarantee for complete peace of mind. Firestone South Africa was taken over by Bridgestone Corporation in 1997 to form a formidable force in the South African market. The Firestone brand remains in the forefront of technology, offering performance, comfort and safety at an affordable price.

SARRA has been running Classic Regularity Rallies in South Africa since 1995. This form of rallying is modelled on the rallies of earlier times where a crew of driver and navigator needed to keep their rally car on the route and on time, catering for many scheduled speed and direction changes, the weather, traffic and road conditions. It is a sport of precision and accuracy, rather than an all out quest for speed like the modern special stage rallies. To keep the sport safe and affordable today we no longer use sand roads, and the set speeds are now within speed limits - but the level of competition has not diminished.

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