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Bridgestone promotes Make Cars Green in F1

Mar 18, 2010

Tokyo (March 15, 2010) " Bridgestone Corporation ("Bridgestone") have announced that the company will continue its support and promotion in 2010 of MAKE CARS GREEN, the global environmental campaign which Bridgestone has supported since 2008 as a global partner of the F"d"ration International de L"Automobile (FIA). The announcement follows the first event of the 2010 Formula One season, the Bahrain Grand Prix, at which all the Formula One drivers showed their unanimous support for the campaign.

The MAKE CARS GREEN campaign aims to reduce the effect of cars on the environment by informing drivers of how to drive in a more environmentally friendly way. In partnership with automobile associations in countries worldwide, Bridgestone Corporation and the Bridgestone Group are calling on drivers to observe the "10 points for greener motoring".

Amid growing worldwide concern with environmental protection, the Bridgestone Group has established a Fundamental Environmental Statement with the slogan, "To provide a safe environment for all our children and the children of future generations." Guided by that philosophy, we are advancing a wide variety of environmental management initiatives that reflect the broadening of our business area. This continued collaboration with the FIA from 2008 is an excellent opportunity to strengthen the global reach of Bridgestone's environmental initiatives.

Bridgestone Corporation will supply MAKE CARS GREEN tires to all teams at every race this season as the official tire supplier of the Formula One (F1) World Championship. Through this initiative, Bridgestone Corporation aims to further spread the message of the MAKE CARS GREEN environmental campaign. This year, we will be delighted if the Formula One World Championship, through its global audience, helps popularize the circles of greener motoring internationally.

Bridgestone will supply to all Formula One Grand Prix events two types of dry tire with different compounds (rubber hardness) and two types of wet weather tire with different tread depths. In order to differentiate between the tires within the two categories of tire, the softer dry tire and the wet tire (heavy rain use) will be marked. Green lines will be marked on the sidewalls of the dry tires, and in a central groove of the wet tires (heavy rain use).

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