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Bridgestone supports Cape Leopard Trust

Oct 27, 2009

Bridgestone South Africa has added the Cape Leopard Trust to the organisations it is supporting under its corporate social investment umbrella and Bridgestone's global One Team, One Planet initiative. The support is in the form of a set of new tyres, including spares, for the Trust's fleet of five 4x4 vehicles as well as a substantial cash donation.

The Cape Leopard Trust was formed in 2004 to facilitate conservation of the Western Cape's predators through the combination of conservation strategies, research projects and tourism initiatives. The Trust operates in wilderness areas in the Cederberg, Swartberg/Gamka corridor and Namaqualand areas.

"We are delighted to associate ourselves with the Cape Leopard Trust," said Romano Daniels, Bridgestone South Africa's general manager of group marketing and communications. "They are doing important conservation work, while at the same time providing valuable learning opportunities, in particular to children, about the endangered Cape mountain leopard. Our support is in line with our commitment to conservation and the environment as embodied in our 4x4 Fundi programme."

"The area of the leopard survey is one of the largest in the world and the Trust's 4x4s cover great distances over often very rough terrain often accessible only by rocky tracks. We are confident our Dueler All Terrain tyres will be more than up to the challenge," added Daniels.

Quinton Martins, project manager of the Cape Leopard Trust, has no doubts about the tyres. "Our Toyota Land Cruiser has been equipped with Bridgestone Duelers for the past two years and, despite the adverse road conditions, we have never had a single puncture."

The unique Cape mountain leopard has suffered extensive range loss in the Western Cape and it is now lost to some areas where it previously occurred. In addition to its world-renowned conservation programme, which includes the use of infra-red camera "traps" and collars fitted with radio transmitters to monitor the animals" movements, the Trust is also dedicated to educating and encouraging the youth of disadvantaged communities to have a vested interest in the environment.

It's education and outreach programme is primarily aimed at children, providing them with quality experiences that teach them more about the wilderness and themselves.

"The story of the Cape Leopard Trust and the work it does is inspiring and offers positive examples to young people of how one can discover oneself and effect change," said Daniels.

For further information on the Cape Leopard Trust, contact Quinton Martins, project manager, at or telephone 073 241 4513.

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