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May 25, 2009

South African tyre giant Bridgestone, whose parent company is the international sponsor of the FIA's Make Cars Green campaign, has announced a strategic partnership with driving skills company,, to enhance its promotion of the campaign.

"Five of the ten greener motoring tips in the Make Cars Green campaign are directly related to driving style," said Romano Daniels, Bridgestone General Manager of Group Communications and Marketing. "For this reason we"re expanding our commitment to the Make Cars Green campaign by partnering with to provide our staff with training in economical and defensive driving," he added.

Daniels said that the initial aim was for staff to reduce their fuel consumption by at least seven per cent. This would reduce the CO2 emissions of the 134-strong trainee group by 67 500 tons per year. Without this saving, approximately 2000 trees per year would need to be planted to absorb these CO2 emissions. The defensive driving style which the trainee group will be taught in order to obtain these savings will also reduce their risk of crashing by up to half.

Other benefits to the drivers will be longer tyre and brake pad life, which also contribute to the environment by way of reduced manufacturing emissions for an equivalent distance travelled. With World Environment Day coming up on June 5, the Make Cars Green campaign has encouraged drivers to find out more about driving green. Information is available on the campaign's website, as well as at and

"The seven percent fuel saving which has been adopted as an initial target is a modest, yet achievable saving," said Rob Handfield " Jones, managing director of "With practice, a trained defensive driver can obtain real-world savings exceeding 20%. With a bit more effort, savings can exceed 30%," he explained. "It all depends how seriously you take economy. We"re very pleased to join Make Cars Green as their driving skills partner in South Africa," he concluded.

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