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Durban Tyre Safety survey results

Mar 20, 2009

A survey by Bridgestone South Africa has revealed that Durban motorists are better at maintaining correct tyre pressures and the condition of their tyres than their counterparts in other major metropolitan areas of South Africa.

The latest in Bridgestone's nationwide surveys to promote tyre safety and the importance of checking tyre pressures and their general condition has shown that just over one in 10 Durbanites had one or more tyres at a pressure level of less than 1,8 bar (described as "dangerous").

The survey was conducted by Bridgestone South Africa with the co-operation of Pick n Pay and involved the inspection of all four tyres of 155 vehicles parked outside the Mangrove Park Hypermarket in Durban North.

It followed surveys during the past 18 months in Pretoria, Port Elizabeth, Bloemfontein and Cape Town. The information gathered is being used to establish a Bridgestone Tyre Index and the ongoing surveys will allow a year-on-year comparison to gauge whether the national tyre inflation condition is improving or not.

The earlier surveys, which saw Bridgestone tyre experts check a total of 10 000 tyres in major parking areas around the country, revealed that some two out of 10 vehicles checked were being driven with one or more tyres at a pressure level of less than 1,8 bar (described as "dangerous"), while 5% of vehicles had at least one tyre below 1,5 bar (categorised as "extremely dangerous").

"While Durban's motorists appear to have a healthier respect for their tyres and a better understanding of correct tyre pressures (86% versus 80 in the other major metro areas), it is still of concern that nearly 15% are driving on tyres that are dangerously under-inflated," said Romano Daniels, Bridgestone South Africa's general manager of group communications and marketing.

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