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Bridgestone and FIA announce new global environmental campaign

Mar 17, 2008

Tokyo (March 17, 2008) - Bridgestone Corporation ("Bridgestone") announced a collaboration with the F"d"ration Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) on a new environmental campaign called "Make Cars Green". As a global partner of the FIA, Bridgestone will support and promote this campaign on a worldwide basis.

The goal of the Make Cars Green initiative is to reduce the impact of motoring on the environment by promoting more environmentally-friendly and fuel-efficient driver behaviour by working together with Automobile Clubs of each country. The Make Cars Green campaign will communicate "10 points for greener motoring*" throughout the world to encourage drivers to "think green" when they drive. Bridgestone will announce details of its programs in June, 2008.

Environmental preservation is one of the most critical issues of our time. The Bridgestone group has been expanding and enhancing its efforts to help preserve a safe environment for future generations. This collaboration with the FIA is an excellent opportunity to strengthen the global reach of Bridgestone's environmental initiative.

10 points for greener motoring

  1. Buy Green
  2. Plan your journey
  3. Check tyre pressures frequently
  4. Reduce loads and avoid the need for roof racks
  5. Don't warm up your engine before starting off
  6. Use air conditioning only when necessary
  7. Accelerate gently and keep your speed constant
  8. Use engine braking
  9. Don't idle your engine
  10. Offset your CO2 emissions

*For details of Bridgestone's environmental activities, visitthe web site:

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