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Bridgestone SA the 1st in local Run Flat Tyre manufacturing

Aug 10, 2007

Bridgestone South Africa becomes the first South African tyre manufacturer to start commercial production of Run Flat Tyres for local and international market.

Run Flat Tyre or RFT is the result of revolutionary tyre technology developed by Bridgestone, providing enhanced safety and peace of mind and setting a trend that will become the standard for a new generation.

This achievement signals Bridgestone South Africa's superior position in tyre manufacturing as the specification approval goes a long way to indicate Bridgestone's innovation and technologically advanced manufacturing processes.

Bridgestone's Run Flat Tyre technology contains a thicker reinforcement rubber inside of the tyre sidewall. This reinforced rubber supports the weight of the vehicle even when the air pressure drops to zero.

It also allows the driver to continue driving the vehicle over a distance at the OEM's recommended speed with the objective of finding a safe and suitable place to change the tyre. Depending on the vehicle specification and load, the distance obtained can vary from situation to situation. The RFT technology is major step towards road safety because the driver is able to maintain control of the vehicle in a rapid tyre deflation situation.

Bridgestone South Africa has spent a substantial amount upgrading its Brits factory in North West Province to manufacture Run Flat Tyres locally. Notwithstanding, the investment led to the commissioning of separate plant which provided further employment opportunities for the residents of Brits. It is one of only four Bridgestone factories in the world authorised to build Run Flat Tyres. Bridgestone South Africa is also the first local tyre manufacturer that has received approval from BMW Group to supply locally manufactured Run Flat Tyres as original equipment for fitment to BMW vehicles.

Bridgestone South Africa is also the 1st manufacturer offering unequalled service backup for RFT through the country's largest dealer "footprint", with trained RFT specialists and the necessary equipment and stocks to meet customers" needs. Bridgestone South Africa has a dedicated training programme to ensure that all RFT dealer personnel will have the required skills and knowledge to service consumers of Run Flat Tyres.

RFT should only be supplied and fitted by an accredited Bridgestone RFT dealer in the Autoquip, Speedy and Supa Quick retail network.

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