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Road Safety Award to SADD Member

Mar 01, 2007

South Africa's premier recognition of road safety initiatives, the Evert van Niekerk Road Safety Achievement of the Year Award, has been won for 2006 by the founder of the Organisation South Africans Against Drunk Driving (SADD), Caro Smit.

The award is made annually by the South African Guild of Motoring Journalists" Bridgestone sponsored Committee for Active Road Safety (CARS).

Announcing the winner at a "State of Road Safety" presentation, Ian Auret, chairman of CARS, lauded Caro for the continually active role she plays in combating the use of alcohol and drugs by road users. Through the SADD website which she started after her son had been killed in an accident involving a drunk driver, and also through her efforts in getting the support of other organisations involved in road safety, and the media, her organisation is successfully highlighting the problem of drunk driving and pressurising the authorities to enforce laws governing alcohol and drug abuse by road users more strictly.

The runner up for the prestigious award was the Outsurance insurance company which committed substantial funding in 2006 for a period of three years for the furtherance of road safety. This has enabled the authorities to supply 120 brightly sign-written patrol vehicles to the RTMC for distribution to traffic law enforcement officials in all nine provinces of the country.

In addition, Outsurance has also, in conjunction with Radio 702, assisted to appoint temporary point duty personnel to assist in easing traffic congestion during peak hours in Johannesburg.

The Bridgestone/CARS initiative is made up of journalists from the print and electronic media and representatives from key organisations involved in road safety. These include the Department of Transport, the Automobil Association, the SA Police Services, NAAMSA, the RTMC and the RMI. Apart from recognising worthy contributions by individuals and organisations on an annual basis, the Committee focuses mainly on positively changing the attitude of road users towards safer motoring practices. CARS successfully encourages the ongoing and wider usage of road safety material in all branches of the media.

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